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We welcome you to the Cyprus Turf Club website.While surfing in our site, you can find information regarding our basic targets and activities, the issue and the continuous changes of the Rules of Racing and the issue of our Stud Books.

You can also find information regarding the control of races.

Latest News
26/02: 2014-2016 Wordwide Statistics - Registered Non-Thoroughbred Foals
26/02: 2014-2016 Worldwide Statistics - Registered Thoroughbred Foals
26/02: 2008-2016 Worldwide Statistics - Thoroughbred Foal Production
15/02: Licensed Stallions for the year 2018
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Latest Documents
Non-Thoroughbred breeding statistics (23/11)
Overall breeding summary (23/11)
Thoroughbred breeding statistics (23/11)
Age of Mares (23/11)
Live foals the last 5 years (23/11)
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